1. How can I have lapsopay available in my venue?

A POS system compatible with lapsopay is needed, the rest is easy, we will set it up for you

  1. How are transactions processed?

Transactions go through the bank account associated to the venue. All the process is done by our payment provider and in compliance with strict banking standards

  1. How does lapsopay work in operational terms?

When a payment is made by a client through lapsopay the venue will be notified instantly through the POS system


  1. Where can I download lapsopay?

Lapsopay is available for Android and iOS at Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. How do I get started?

After lapsopay is downloaded, you have to follow the registration process where we ask you for your personal details, including credit/debit card information to complete the payment method registration.

  1. Is to safe to add my credit/debit information data?

All credit/debit card information is safeguarded by a PCI-DSS and ISO-MSP payment service provider that fulfills strict security standards.

  1. Is the virtual gateway 3D Secure?

At restaurants, payments above 20€ go through a 3D Secure virtual gateway which means you will need to introduce the security code that the issuer of you card will send you via SMS.

At hotels, all payments require inputting such security code. We recommend reading lapsopay’s APP Terms of service where details on how payments are processed can be found. Please note limit amounts requiring a 3D Secure virtual gateway SMS security code can vary.

  1. What if my mobile is lost or stolen?

Lapsopay logs out automatically after 3 minutes inactive. We recommend reading lapsopay’s APP Terms of service where we indicate how you should safeguard your PIN code.

  1. What if the bill loaded in lapsopay does not match my consumption?

Lapsopay reflects what the waiter has added to your table. If in doubt, please contact the waiter before any payment is made. Remember that once you pay, you are agreeing to that bill.

7. Can I split the bill?

Yes, lapsopay allows for splitting the bill.

  1. Can I leave a tip through lapsopay?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

  1. Where can I find lapsopay?

We have started operations in Madrid, other cities will follow soon.